welcome to Saint Andrews
At St. Andrew’s, we welcome everyone who seeks to experience God (in some way) – and we respect the dignity of every human being. Whether you are a year-round Islander, a summer resident or guest, or a first-time visitor, we very much hope you enjoy your time with us. Come as you are, come be who you are, and see!
tiffany window OVER 100 YEARS OF HISTORY
St. Andrew’s began in 1895 as an Episcopal mission, and by 1910 the church building was consecrated. It features Tiffany stained-glass windows and a pulpit the shape of a dory.
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st-andrews COME AND VISIT
We are located on the beautiful Island of Martha’s Vineyard. If that’s not reason enough to make it out here, learn more about our endearing Episcopal church.
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episcopal church THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE
St. Andrew’s is an episcopal Church, part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, and a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.
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contact CONTACT US
Church Office: 1-508-627-5330 Rector’s e-mail: fatherchip@standrewsmv.org Office e-mail: office@standrewsmv.org Office Fax: 1-508-627-4318
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Greetings, friend! And welcome to our website…we’re so glad you found us! It’s a little hard to describe all the things that are happening here at St. Andrew’s, but I have to say this: Great things are definitely happening, and it’s exciting. Really.  For those who’ve wondered about church these days, this might be a good church to try. I believe all of us have a hunger and thirst inside that can’t be satisfied by food and water. It’s our spiritual side, and life becomes wonderful when we pay attention to it and explore it. The trick is to find a space that can help us nurture our spiritual lives and grow in a safe and welcoming environment.  Some churches are better than others at providing that sort of environment. Those that succeed work for success. We at St. Andrew’s have joyfully undertaken that work.  If you are seeking a place that is renewing itself, we might be just the right fit for you. And if you have a family, this might be a great fit for them, too. A good church can be a wonderful help and lift in life—and in ways that might surprise us.>> read more

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  Please do one of two (or both) things:

  1. Donate some time (ex.,babysitting), talent (ex., knitting), or treasure (ex., work of art) by filling out the form below and giving it to Heather Anne or Father Chip before Thurs 9/19.

  1. COME TO THE AUCTION (and bring two friends):  Sat Sept 21, at 4:00 pm  

LOOKING FOR FIFTY (50) COURAGEOUS CHRISTIANS!  Last chance to sign up to participate in our reVision program SMALL GROUPS—and we don’t want to do it without you!  Please do it today!  HERE’S WHY IT’S SO IMPORTANT YOU JOIN US:

  • Your small group of 6-8 people will meet ONLY 7 times between now and the third week of November, and the meetings will be FUN and promote good conversations

  • This is a GREAT way to revitalize St Andrew’s Church and help us to focus on two or three things that will help us to grow spiritually, and in numbers

  • This process will help encourage NEW LEADERS to emerge to help guide St Andrew’s for years to come

  • Small Group meetings will promote new and deeper relationships, and friendships, which will strengthen our faith community in all sorts of ways

  • We need EVERYONE’S input, as we expect decisions for the future of the church will be made, and we don’t want to make them without YOU!

THE SECOND ANNUAL DARKNESS INTO VINEYARD LIGHT SUICIDE AWARENESS  AND PREVENTION WALK is Saturday, September 28th from 5-7am (rain date Sunday, September 29th ).Islanders will gather together at the Bend in the Road on State Beach before sunrise and continue until after daybreak – symbolic of coming out of the darkness of depression and mental illness, into the light of hope and healing.  This is a community-led initiative by a group of dedicated individuals whose mission is to bring ‘bright light’ to an issue that is often considered taboo and rarely spoken of by publically addressing suicide and suicidality. The event has received great support from the community, raising much-needed funds from sponsorships and registration. Please help spread the word and come out to support the walk if you can. Yes, it’s early – but a great reason to get up and see the sunrise!  You can register ahead of time, or simply show up the morning of the 28th. http://www.namicapecod.org/DarknessintoVineyardLight

SUNDAY SCHOOL NOTES:  This year, Sunday School will begin the third Sunday in October, the 20th, and run through May.  Please mark your calendars now!

ISLAND CONSERVATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS WILL GATHER   on Sunday, September 29 at 2:00 pm to hear two stars in the area of Religion and Ecology, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, professors at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Yale Divinity School, speak on their new biography of Thomas Berry, one of the 20th century’s most prescient and profound thinkers.  A discussion, refreshments and a climate bazaar featuring island conservation organizations will follow the presentation.

YOU KNOW ST ANDREW’S HAS A FACEBOOK PAGE? Poli Wilson has offered to help us keep it up to speed with announcements and events, but we NEED YOU TO LIKE US on Facebook, and send us your photos and news of St Andrew’s life…questions?  Please speak with Heather Anne in the office, and email her your pics, at office@standrewsmv.org. (By the way, just a few positive comments about our worship can have a real effect on seeing some new faces—so give it a try!)

THE CHURCH OFFICE has temporarily relocated  across the street into the Parish House Library.  The temporary phone number is 508-627-7843.  (Father Chip is still in the church building; only the secretary’s office has moved).


The Vision of St Andrew’s Church is to make God present in our families, our neighborhood, our town, the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, and in the world.”

Our Vestry:             

Wardens:  Carl Malmquist and Jessica Buckley

Treasurer:  Wesley Brown

Parish Clerk: Christine White

Members at Large:

Bonnie Deitz, Chris Buchholz, Michael Balay, Harrison Kisiel, Mardi Moran and Andrea Bolling