We would LOVE more volunteers!  Make one phone call a day or one a week.  Record who you reach out to and what type of response you received.  Let our church community know if there are special needs in a household.  This is an easy way to make a difference!  Parishioners supporting parishioners.  For more information, please contact the church office at


Dear brothers and sisters in faith,

Our four Pillar Groups (consisting of over 40 of you!) met diligently over the course of many months, and presented their passionate ideas in both video segments, and in writing.  Then, just about 60 of you filled out a survey, indicating which of the ideas you thought we should pursue now, later, or put on the back burner.  THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD IDEAS HERE!  Please check out the numbers, below:


Your Pillar Group Leaders have met twice to begin the work of sorting through all these and determining how to implement the passions of the Pillar Groups, and your preferences expressed in the survey.  Some of them (for example, creating a Help Resource Guide for People in Need, or organizing a Telephone Call List), have already been started and are up and running.  Other ones (such as working on forming a Children’s Choir, or Sunday School-oriented matters), will require more work and planning—even in this Age of COVID—in order to get them going.

The key to all of this will be how much commitment (personal investment of time, effort, caring and working together) enough of you do, in order to make these things happen.

And believe it or not, working on these things—these matters of faith—brings its own joy, goodness, and even FUN! 

So, in a nutshell, here’s what we have already begun, or will be doing as soon as possible:

  • Handshaking during worship has now become a thing of the past
  • We will find ways to explain scripture texts so the readings are more meaningful, especially to seekers and the uninitiated
  • We will maintain our 8:00 and 10:00 worship unless and until we clearly know we may want to go to a different schedule
  • Father Chip will continue to preach out of the pulpit as a general rule
  • The pace of the worship will be increased by limiting announcements, prayers of the people, and other useful means
  • A Resource Guide for People in Need has been created and is available for review and circulation
  • A Telephone Call List has been created and at least one round of calls has been made—and another round will ensue
  • A Resource List of Parishioners’ Businesses we may choose to patronize or hire (especially in these times) has been created and is available for review and circulation
  • A Welcome/Greeter message is now being included with our Sunday recorded worship gatherings

And here are some things we know we need to work on together to get up and running:

  • Creating an “E-Board” to talk about core spiritual and Christian concepts
  • Planning a Children’s Choir (to implement when physically possible)
  • Planning and creating Childrens’ (and Families’) programs (Activity and Bible Study Kits, Sunday School and Director matters)
  • Planning and creating an (initially online) Bible Study(ies)
  • Enlisting additional telephone callers for the Phone Tree

SO: “WHAT NOW,” YOU ASK? Ask yourself this question:  are you passionate about any of the foregoing (four) initiatives?  If so, do you feel called to help work together (in the Spirit) to create them?

If you can say” YES!” to that, PLEASE EMAIL US BACK NOW, and we’ll hook you up with a group(s) (another re-forming Small Group!) you can be a proud and joyful part of!

Groups are forming now—so don’t wait!

Finally, please note a few important things.  Although we are now entering the “Implementation Phase” of our reVision work, by no means should we feel limited in our thinking, visioning, or efforts.  Holy work comes about by the wisdom and concerted effort.  Some of the things not mentioned here (and contained in your Pillar Group proposals) will indeed go forward, provided there is intention and commitment.   So please feel free to take initiative, as you may feel called, to bring about the sort of faith community you’d like to see—and step forward and let us hear from you!

And please remember to be gentle on yourselves and each other.  Look at what God is doing here!  We’ve had wonderful leaders in ministry step up to move us forward.  There are many new and good ideas!  We’ve had MANY participate in our reVision work, faithfully and diligently.  We’ve seen  the amazing power of Small Groups, and have determined to keep small groups going on a consistent basis in the future.

And our community of faith has GROWN in leaps and bounds, as the result of all your engagement, involvement, ownership and leadership in all of this Holy Work.

God is at work among us and through us.  I see our spiritual vitality increasing—and it’s all because of YOU.

I always thank God for ALL of you!

May the peace of the Lord be always with you.

Your brother in Christ,


Resources available to MV residents during the Covid-19 pandemic:



Links to the 4 YouTube videos from each of the amazing Pillar Groups:

Learning, Growing and Healing


Becoming and Being a Welcoming and Engaging Family


Serving Our Neighbors and Our World


Creating Inspiring & Celebratory Worship


The Proposals in written form:



St. Andrew’s Business Directory:

The Serving Our Neighbors and Our World Pillar Group are concerned about the businesses that have been disrupted because of the pandemic. We invited any parishioner who owns, manages, or is employed by a business to let us know so that we can put your business on our list. Our hope is that when any of us are looking for a business to hire or utilize, we will consider these companies:

Faith and Lew Laskaris


Home: 508-693-7948

Cell: 617-697-0519

Year round airBNB, VRBO, Superhosts

Faith Laskaris , RN,BSN


Home: 508-693-7948

Cell: 617-697-0519

Mathew Tombers

Edgartown Books

44 Main Street

P O Box 5189

Edgartown, MA 02539


Store: 508-627-8841

Cell: 917-880-2469

Bill Fielding, Building Contractor

All construction, start to finish, new and renovation, houses, garages, decks, door and window installation, finish carpentry.

Contact information:

William Fielding, III



PO Box 55

Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Business Insurance: yes

References: yes

Licensed: yes

Year Round

We will add to this list as we continue to receive information from others.

Email MARDI.MORAN@GMAIL.COM with your information.

Mardi Moran