welcome to Saint Andrews
At St. Andrew’s, we welcome everyone who seeks to experience God (in some way) – and we respect the dignity of every human being. Whether you are a year-round Islander, a summer resident or guest, or a first-time visitor, we very much hope you enjoy your time with us. Come as you are, come be who you are, and see!
tiffany window OVER 100 YEARS OF HISTORY
St. Andrew’s began in 1895 as an Episcopal mission, and by 1910 the church building was consecrated. It features Tiffany stained-glass windows and a pulpit the shape of a dory.
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st-andrews COME AND VISIT
We are located on the beautiful Island of Martha’s Vineyard. If that’s not reason enough to make it out here, learn more about our endearing Episcopal church.
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episcopal church THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE
St. Andrew’s is an episcopal Church, part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, and a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.
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contact CONTACT US
Church Office: 1-508-627-5330 Rector’s e-mail: fatherchip@standrewsmv.org Office e-mail: office@standrewsmv.org Office Fax: 1-508-627-4318
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Greetings, friend! And welcome to our website…we’re so glad you found us! It’s a little hard to describe all the things that are happening here at St. Andrew’s, but I have to say this: Great things are definitely happening, and it’s exciting. Really.  For those who’ve wondered about church these days, this might be a good church to try. I believe all of us have a hunger and thirst inside that can’t be satisfied by food and water. It’s our spiritual side, and life becomes wonderful when we pay attention to it and explore it. The trick is to find a space that can help us nurture our spiritual lives and grow in a safe and welcoming environment.  Some churches are better than others at providing that sort of environment. Those that succeed work for success. We at St. Andrew’s have joyfully undertaken that work.  If you are seeking a place that is renewing itself, we might be just the right fit for you. And if you have a family, this might be a great fit for them, too. A good church can be a wonderful help and lift in life—and in ways that might surprise us.>> read more

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LOOKING FOR PEACE?  A NEW CENTERING PRAYER GROUP HAS BEGUN AT ST ANDREW’S!  Centering Prayer is a classic, wise and time-proven way of being drawn into a relationship with God.  Participants learn to develop an appreciation of the present moment, and let go of attachments that tend to encumber us.  Instead of trying to “do it all ourselves,” participants learn to let go and let God guide them.  MEETS THURSDAYS AT 5:30 PM IN THE PARISH HOUSE.

PLEASE BRING YOUR CANS TO CHURCH!  It’s time to help out our island friends and neighbors who are going through some tough times.  Please try to remember to bring something with you when you come to church—non-perishable items that haven’t expired.  And, if you’d like to volunteer to help with this ministry in some way, please email Liz and Bob Huss at boblizhuss@gmail.com —and thanks for your caring hearts!

ISLAND COMMUNITY SUPPERS AT ST ANDREW’S CHURCH CONTINUE EVERY MONDAY NIGHT (beginning at 5:30 pm) through March.  Feel free to join your neighbors for a free hot meal and lots of good cheer—and bring some friends!

FATHER CHIP WOULD BE INTERESTED to read a couple of good books over the next few months with others, and tap in to a wider network of others reading the same book, through the Diocese—and getting together via Zoom to discuss them.  The first book is called “How to be an Anti-Racist,” which will be discussed on February 19, and the second book is “Climate Church, Climate Change,” up for e-discussion on March 25.  Both books look awesome!  Please see Father Chip if you’re interested, and we can make sure you have a book.  (I’ve got two copies of the Anti-Racism book for the taking!)

OUR LIBRARY NEEDS A LITTLE TLC!   First, there are two file cabinets (in great condition) in the Parish House Library that are free for the taking.  Second, we would love to give that space a little bit of a makeover.  Does anyone have a nice desk that they are not using at home anymore?  Maybe a low round or square coffee table to replace the one in there at present?  It is such an inviting room, with great light and breezes in the summer!  It wouldn’t take much to improve its appearance (and functionality) a bit!

Our Vestry 

Wardens:        Carl Malmquist and Mardi Moran

Treasurer:       Wesley Brown

Parish Clerk: Christine White  

Members at Large:

Chris Buchholz, Michael Balay, Andrea Bolling, Jessica Buckley and Bonnie Deitz