If you are a church-goer, I would say we are squarely in the middle of the tried and true Episcopal tradition, with a focus on the holy.  We’ve used the expression “There is JOY here” in our Easter and Christmas advertisements, and I think that’s what we feel each Sunday after beautiful and wondrous worship, which is a hallmark of Episcopal life.  Experiencing a measure of transcendence brings clarity, excitement, purpose—and JOY—to life we can’t get anywhere else, really.  And while the Episcopal tradition encourages personal study and contemplation along the way, enjoying worship and study and fellowship with others of like mind and spirit brings a quality and dimension to our lives we just can’t get by ourselves.  We help and care for each other. If you attend St. Andrew’s, you already know we would not be the same without you. If you’re thinking of giving us a try, I think you’ll quickly come to realize the very same thing.Among the things I like most about the Episcopal Church: It’s inherently respectful.  We are all in different places on our spiritual paths.  Of course, we Christians all have in common our attitude about the Christ—at the very least, we take seriously that Jesus lived and died in the way he did, and that it’s important for us to wonder about and pay attention to that.  However we think about the Christ event—and believe me, there is a great range of belief in this area in the Episcopal Church—we all enjoy the sense that what we’ve taken to heart in this way is indeed working for us.  It is all about love.  Our God is love.  When we experience it and revel in it, we share it.  And when we trust love, radical love, love moves us.  Radically.

Most people I meet these days seem very caught up in trying to decide whether their choice for spiritual nourishment is the “right” one.  All I can say is that worship in the Episcopal faith tradition works for me (and for many, many others).  Forgetting about what’s right or wrong, I’ve followed my heart, and it’s made all the difference.  I wish that for everybody, too.  Our joy is in the journey itself.

I wish you love.  Come see us!