This week we pray for:

Carolyn, Steve, Michael, Mandy, Olive, Benji, Ingrid, Sara, Brian, Daisy, Randy, Donna, Billy, Sue, Robert, Christine, Greg, Dan, Edward, Kristine, Deborah, Andrew, Ann, Heather, Amy, Kit, Thomas, Brad, Lorranine, David, Bill, Heather, Marie, Summer, Dennis, Alice, Alexa, Harold, Molly, and Gloria.

Please email any names you would like added to the Prayer List to 

There are two ways of getting the word out for prayers at St. Andrew’s:

The Prayer List is refreshed week to week and is read aloud at services (currently read aloud at YouTube service 8:00 am Sundays, which can be heard at any time). The prayer list is also the place to put names of friends and loved ones that have recently passed away. There is a section for Thanksgiving, as well, and you can add birthdays, marriages, births, graduations, Baptisms, Confirmations – basically any cause for celebration! This is a public list and will be posted on the website weekly.

The Prayer Chain is intense prayer for someone who is in crisis, physical or emotional, and is activated anonymously and cycled through a small group of parishioners. All you have to do to activate the Prayer Chain is to call, text or email one of its members and it will be done. There is more information about the Prayer Chain below.

Prayer Chain 2019

Members of the Prayer Chain have continued to pray for all those who have found themselves or their friends and family members in the middle of a crisis or in a situation that they wished to keep confidential.  These requests for prayer are quickly and confidentially passed on to each member of the chain.  We encourage all members of the parish to contact any member of the prayer chain should they find themselves in need of urgent or confidential prayer.  

The following people served on the prayer chain in 2019: Susan Kelly, Hillary Landers, Laura Lee, Mary Lollis, Colleen Seadale, Bart Smith and Claire Thacher.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Lollis

Please Contact:

Mary Lollis 

Susan Kelly 

Hillary Landers


Colleen Seadale

Bart Smith and

Claire Thacher